News and views from the pulpit and the pews

February 2020

Here we are well on our way in the year 2020, and many organizations are using the pun of the year to enhance the ‘vision’ of their teams and organization.  Where are we headed?  Are we seeing clearly?  Our faith family here at the Caledonia Presbyterian Church doesn’t have a new vision, yet I am reminded of the church vision statement ‘Growing in Love.’  This statement caught my eye when I considered submitting my name to the congregation’s search team back in 2017, and this statement still rings true today – we do continue to grow in love – love for one another, love the community, the world and our God that first loved us.

We journeyed through 2019 and shared many adventures and memories.  I continue to praise God for all the ways our lives are touched and all the ways we come together.  God continues to have great plans for us – and God continues to have great plans for YOU!

Our teams have been preparing for the annual meeting to be held after worship on Sunday March 8th, and you’re invited to join us for lunch as well as we celebrate the moments of 2019 and look forward to more adventures in 2020. We’ve already started the year with gathering together for soup lunches, and we had a wonderful Potluck Dinner on Valentine’s Day and even shared more than a few laughs playing the ‘Not So Newlywed Game’ with friends and spouses.

We give thanks for the hearts and hands organizing those soup lunches since the beginning of the year and our Lenten lunches return on Wednesday February 25th as we make our journey to the Cross.  We will host the lunches here at the Presbyterian Church until March 25th, when we will then gather at St. Patrick’s Church to continue the journey. The ecumenical Good Friday Service will return to the newly renovated Riverside Exhibition Hall at the fairgrounds and the Caledonia ministerial is well on their way in preparing for this special service that morning.  Our Choir has also been working hard for several months already in preparation for the Easter Cantata to be held here at the church on Wednesday April 8th.

Join us as we plan another Family Karaoke Night here at the church. Friday March 13th from 7pm until about 9 (?) we will join together and sing and laugh.  Our Toonie counter will be open again and there is no charge to join us.  And watch for the return of the Octogenarian Service on Sunday March 29th as we honor our elders and the wisdom and legacy they give us.

Of course, we look forward to celebrating the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday April 12th.  Then two weeks later on April 26th, we also look forward to a ‘Blessing of the Seeds’ service. You can bring in your seeds, packages of seeds, even small potted plants that you might plan to garden with – fruits, vegetables and flowers will all be presented for a Blessing as we head into planting season.

On behalf of our Managers, we give thanks for the continued support of the life and mission of our church, as well as they anonymous donors who have paid the unexpected lift repair bill and the charges for snow removal this winter.  Thank You.  The team is also happy to announce the newly acquired ‘Square Terminal’ which can now accept donations, payments and givings through debit and credit cards.  Plans are in the works to offer digital giving on our church website as well.  It’s tough to talk about money sometimes, and as we give thanks for coming this far and continuing our journeys together, we are also very mindful that what would have cost $100 in the year 2000, would now cost $140.99 according to – even looking back ten years, according to the website, the inflation rate works out to 15%.  Those are some scary numbers!  However, if you were with us for the budget meeting back in November, you may recall that we praise God that our reliance on the congregational trust funds is slowly being reduced.  We praise the Lord for miracles big and small.

As mentioned, our choir has been working diligently preparing for the Easter Cantata in April; they will also be part of the service for Good Friday as we invite the others to join for a mass choir for the morning.  Practices for the mass choir will be Sundays after worship on March 22, March 29th and April 5th.  If you or someone you know might be interested, we’d love to have you join us!

Additionally, I came across the top ten reasons that men should join the choir (I’m sure in the future we can find one for ladies in the interest of equal opportunity fun):

Top Ten Reasons men should join the choir:

10) – Choir practices are every Wednesday night.  Which means for those couple of hours, you will significantly reduce your risk of contracting tendonitis due to the operation of a television remote control.

9) – Because you wear a choir robe every Sunday, you are liberated from a task many might find quite challenging: clothes that match properly.

8) – From your special vantage point on Sunday mornings, in which you look out at the entire congregation from the choir loft, you will develop interesting new hobbies.  One of those hobbies might be a game called ‘Who’s praying and who’s sleeping?’

7) – On the other hand, sitting in full view of the faith family on a weekly basis makes it much less likely that you yourself will give in to lack of sleep – although it has been known to happen.

6) – If you think singing in the shower sounds good now, just wait until you’ve been with the choir for a few weeks!

5)- Singing in the choir is one of the few activities for men that does not require electronic equipment or power tools.  This could be very good for the family budget.

4) – For fitness buffs and staying healthy, singing in the choir is not only heart healthy, it’s soul healthy.  There are no monthly membership fees and it’s a lot easier on the knees than jogging.

3)- If you think you’ve done everything there is to do, and you can’t find great challenge in life, trying singing with the guys and staying on pitch.

2)- Choir practices last half as long as a professional football game (less than hockey games too), but are twice as satisfying. (Don’t worry, though, choir practices are Wednesday nights and won’t interfere with the NFL; hockey? Depends on the team, but your Saturday nights are still free for the big games.)

And the number one reason why men should join the choir:

1) When people ask if you’ve been behaving yourself, you can say with the utmost sincerity, ‘Hey, I’m a Choir Boy!’

We give thanks to God for humour and laughing, and we give thanks for our choir as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and catch up with some of our faith family happenings.  Not only is the choir still in full force on Wednesday nights, but you are more than welcome to join us for Friday morning Bible Study at 10:30 at the church as well.  We also have a small group for moms that meet once a month, usually on the first Tuesday of the month, and our Spirited Discussions group is set to resume on the last Tuesday of March (there was a scheduling conflict in February) usually at the Caledonia Legion.  Glee Club for elementary students meets on Mondays after school as we share and sing and learn together as well.  Our Out-to-Lunch-Bunch is still going strong, meeting once a month just to share a meal, some fellowship, and some laughs, too. We are in the last week of our Soup Drive for the Caledonia Food Bank, and we have recently begun collecting the outer milk bags to support the Caledonia Legion’s missional project.  Of course, our Souls 4 Soles project is still in full swing and the collection box in the fellowship hall will be sent along soon to make way for spring cleaning.  Thank you for all your support in these and other projects within the faith family of Caledonia Presbyterian Church.  Together we can, and we are, making a difference.

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to like and share our Facebook Page.  It’s a great way to stay up to date with the happenings of the church.  Of course, the website is always handy as well.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you – Facebook, email, call or in person.

And so, we continue to celebrate, to pray and place our hope and trust in the Loving Creator, the Wonderful Savior, the Spirit of Life. May God continue to guide us in our journeys ahead.

Yours in Christ as we continue together growing in love, and may the Lord continue to grow us as disciples of Christ.

Peace and Blessings,

Pastor Janice
Caledonia Presbyterian Church