What’s happening….

If you or someone you know might need help, please call the church: phone number is 905-765-4524;  email is caledonia.presbyterian@gmail.com

God continues to make house calls…. and the Lord is with us always.   

A January note from the pastor:

I hope everyone had a blessed and restful Christmas.  It’s been a challenging year.   I’m so sorry we can’t gather and sing together,  but the world seems to have other plans (again). While I had hoped we might be regathering as soon as next week, unfortunately that’s not going to happen. Cases continue to rise and this omicron variant seems to be even more transmissible, even hitting members of our faith families.  Therefore, our in person worship won’t resume until at least the first Sunday in February.  In the meantime, we all take this time to stay safe and give thanks.

Worship WILL continue, but it will be online for now.
As we have more news and updates, we will certainly do our best to keep everyone informed.  Stay in touch with one another, call and check in on each other. We WILL get through this!
Stay safe, stay healthy, and God bless you all!
In Christ’s love,
Pastor Janice
‘We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds tomorrow.’


Previous Worship services can be found on our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, and our most recent worship services are at the following links:

Worship for January 16, 2022

Worship for January 9, 2022



Dear Family and Friends of Caledonia Presbyterian Church,

As you know, the pandemic world has continued to place our faith family in new and challenging situations.  Our first priority continues to be the safety and well being of our members and community, making sure everyone has the supplies and support needed at this time.  If you, or someone you know, might be in need of anything, please call the church, or our Clerk Kathy Johnson, or Pastor Janice directly.

Our leadership teams have been meeting and will be introducing some possible changes and pivots to our gatherings and to our existing pandemic protocols.

Contact tracing is required and masks are strongly encouraged while in the church building.   Furthermore, our team leaders may be asking for disclosure of vaccine status for gatherings outside of worship, including Bible Study, Choir, and Coffee Fellowship after worship.  Once your vaccine status is confirmed once, you will not have to produce it for each gathering in the church in the future.  This is all done in the interest of safety, protection, and love.

While the government has not mandated many pandemic protocols in regards to worship, the provincial guidelines state that all places of worship maintain the 2 meter physical distancing protocols, which are already in place in our context. Therefore, maximum attendance limits are determined by the amount of space between people and family bubbles.  We have been blessed here at Caledonia Presbyterian Church that we can offer ample space, high ceilings and open windows to allow for safety in our gatherings.

You may have heard that ‘some churches are singing.’ Yes, this is true – some churches have been singing in worship.  We know how important singing is, and yes, we’ve missed it too. A partial choir has resumed gathering, all members of which are fully vaccinated and spaced for their safety.  Our leadership team has made the decision that because of the ample distance between the choir and the rest of the congregation, we will not ask the choir to mask while they lead us in singing during worship (when gatherings resume).   As long as health and safety prevail, we may be able to increase more participation in worship, all the while ready to pivot should the pandemic situation change around us.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support. These decisions and changes have come with much prayerful and careful consideration. In all that we do, may each and every decision we make, be for the Glory of God.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your session team members:

Pastor Janice Doyle; John Eddy;  Kathy Johnson; SandraMcCann; Sue (Patterson)Nowosielski

Yours in Christ,

The Session of Caledonia Presbyterian Church

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”                                          Jeremiah 29:11

We are pleased to offer virtual worship: Devotions, Music Ministries and virtual worship can be found at the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmuiwInp3ZI1Zkl_5pEjQA 

Would you like to give to Caledonia Presbyterian Church?  You can help us as we continue to bring God’s Kingdom and God’s love to our community and the world around us. You can give through your online banking platform and send an e-transfer to caledonia.presbyterian@gmail.com.  If you’re in town, we can also offer contactless givings using your credit or debit card with our square reader, and perhaps you might wish to send a cheque through the mail to Caledonia Presbyterian Church, 117 Argyle Street north, Caledonia, ON N3W1B8.  Thank you for your givings; our little bits can come together to do some wonderful and miraculous things!

Some potential changes to expect so we can welcome you back to worship:

Everyone is asked to sanitize their hands with provided sanitizer when entering the building/sanctuary/fellowship hall. Unless you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons, everyone is asked to wear a mask or face shield when entering the building and during worship on Sundays. A greeter will be available and ensure everyone sanitizes upon entry.  We will also be recording attendance for contact tracing.

Families/Bubbles are asked to sit together for worship.  Seating will be a minimum of the provincially mandated 2 Metre (six feet) social distancing requirements. While we are blessed with ample space for seating in our sanctuary, it may look and feel a little different.  An ‘usher’ might escort you to the next available socially distanced space in the sanctuary, but we ask that you sit in the marked ‘blue X’s’.  Many are used to sitting in a familiar seat or pew, but in these times, and with safety in mind, we will do our best to seat from front to back in an effort to minimize the need to step past others while taking a seat for worship; thus, for many, we will not sit in ‘our usual spots.’

We ask everyone to refrain from handshaking, hugging and physical contact at this time, as well as singing out loud.  Humming and quietly singing along is permissible, but again safety is a priority.

Bulletins will not be made or distributed for Sunday worship so that we can minimize person to person contact and social distancing. All readings and songs will be on the large projection screen for viewing.

You may have heard that some churches have removed all Bibles and Hymnals from their pews.  Research has indicated that the virus can live on paper and wood surfaces for up four days; since we offer one worship service in our sanctuary once each week, our teams have decided to leave all paper products in place. Additionally, since we are only using the sanctuary once a week, the pews and seats should be virus free after having no physical contact for seven days; thus, seating in different pews from week to week should not impact safety protocols.

While we cannot sing as loud and proud as we may be used to for worship, we encourage humming and softly singing along to any favorite music should the Spirit move you. We will also remain seated during our worship time together, but you are certainly welcome to stand and stretch at any time.  Unfortunately, our choir will not be able to sit together in our choir loft during these times as well, though we may utilize the choir loft for seating space.

As we cannot offer coffee and beverages after services, we look forward to resuming coffee and snack fellowship when it is safe to do so in the future.

We encourage you to remain seated during worship.  The washrooms are certainly available, but will not be sanitized after each use.  Again, handwashing is very important, and one can use the paper towel to open the washroom door and then dispose the paper towel afterwards as we exit the washrooms.  Trash receptacles will be available just outside the restroom doors as well. Washrooms will be sanitized weekly, and individuals are encouraged to use the disinfectant wipes provided for use as well.

As we exit the sanctuary, we ask everyone to leave from the front rows first and down the center aisle, and then exit out directly through the fellowship hall and then immediately out the back door, all the while maintaining the 2 meter distance between one another.  Using one door to exit will lessen the likelihood of any ‘traffic jams’ and should ensure a smoother flow of our exit. People are encouraged to keep their coats, outerwear and umbrellas if needed with them in the sanctuary as the cloak room will be unavailable for hangings; all hangers will be removed as well.  There will be ample room on our pews beside us for our outerwear as we maintain our social distancing protocols.

Givings and offerings can be dropped into the offering plate on the smaller communion table at the front of the church as we make our way out of the sanctuary at the conclusion of worship.

Our priority is that we desire everyone to feel safe, and we recognize that some may think our initiatives may be extreme, and perhaps there are also others that may feel the need for more stringent guidelines.  We also recognize that some of our beloved faith family will prefer to join the online worship services at this time rather than venture to worship in person on a Sunday morning. It is our plan to continue to offer the online worship for all as we continue to navigate these times.  There may also be those who feel we shouldn’t be gathering at all.  We recognize the differences of opinion and ask for Grace for all viewpoints that may be shared.  Regardless of how you may feel on this spectrum, we ask that you pray for us all we journey forward as God’s people.

Our situation remains changing and fluid, and guidelines may change as the world changes around us.  We appreciate your prayers and patience as we step out into the future journey together.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you once again.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to share them with our leadership teams.

Yours in Christ

The Session and Board Teams of Caledonia Presbyterian Church

Our YouTube Channel is available here:


Our Facebook Page can be found by googling or searching Caledonia,ON Presbyterian Church.  

Thank you for your continued love and support! And may the Lord continue to grant us Hope and Peace and Love in these pandemic times.                                                             —- Pastor Janice

Many of you have my home phone number. It is 519-587-4268. If anyone is in need, or knows someone else who might be, please let me know. I will help whenever and wherever I can. Many of us are carrying burdens in addition to this Corona Chaos, and life was/is difficult enough without this epidemic sweeping the world. May we continue to check up on each other. May we be able to offer some sort of love and hope in this difficult situation. May we never take for granted those things we cannot enjoy right now. And may we pray:

We arise today through God’s shelter to steady us. For God’s Hope to lead us and God’s wisdom to call us. May Christ console those whose hearts are full of fear. May the Spirit give us words to speak comfort, and eyes to notice the need for help. May we have Christ’s hands in reaching out to help others, even amidst the social distancing. God, we plead, we cry, we fear. Yet we place our trust in You. May we arise as your people in the midst of this pandemic. In the powerful name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Peace and Blessings and love to you all,

Pastor Janice



 Young people grades 3- 8

School day Mondays

3:15 to 4:30 pm

(on hold due to covid-19)

Did you know???
We will now collect the outer milk bags for our  Christian friends in their mission project💕
Reusing and re-purposing is a facet of being good stewards of the earth