A Little Background on Janice

Hi there!

My name is Janice Doyle and I am a recent graduate of Knox College in Toronto. I first led a worship service at my home Church of Knox Jarvis 12 years ago, and since then I’ve had the blessing and opportunity of serving and leading at different churches and even different denominations in Southern Ontario, from Mississauga to Port Dover to Niagara Falls and all kinds of points in between.

My husband Brian and I have a blended family of five children: three in their twenties and two in their mid-teens. Though I moved to Haldimand county in the early 90’s, Brian is actually a Caledonia boy that grew up on a dairy farm on Highway 6 in Willow Grove, and he is also the Haldimand School Board trustee for the Grand Erie District School Board.

I also have a successful music and karaoke business that I’ve run for 25 years – “We’re not getting rich, but God sees to it the bills get paid.” This music business has also served as ministry – people have actually approached me in various establishments knowing my vocation and asking questions about faith and prayer. Music has also allowed for wonderful opportunities of reaching out to the community – I led a successful youth Glee Club for several years in my home congregation, and I’ve organized music nights and fundraisers for various churches as well.

I am a spiritual person and leader and I strongly believe to be called for smaller church leadership: smaller churches can be strong and healthy and vital in their communities. There are incredible opportunities for healing and mission in Caledonia and while I know that the road ahead may not always be easy, I also know that with God on our side, and with prayerful discernment and obedience, we can all learn and grow in love in this broken world. I do not see Christianity as necessarily a religion: it’s a relationship. And those relationships, with God and with others, are vitally important in all that we do, both in and out of this thing we call church.